Benenden Bellringing
Learning To Ring

If you are curious enough to want to find out more, the best way is to join us on a Wednesday evening at 7.45pm, or any Sunday at 9.10am, and see if you like the idea.
You'll be shown the bells and how they work, and also get a chance at handling a bell under supervision - and of course meet the diverse band and learn all about the pleasures and pains of learning how to ring. Please ask all the questions you like!

Our youngest learner is just 10, and shows that our well hung, light ring of bells is suitable to train people of 10 upwards

If you are interested, book some handling lessons with Rod, ideally over two or three weeks when your diary isn't otherwise too full, so you can fit in your lessons as frequently as possible over this initial challenge. That way you'll learn fast and be ready to join in with our Wednesday practices fairly quickly. Rod can be contacted at

It does take both commitment and determination; just as you'd expect when learning any musical instrument on one hour a week, so with ringing you do need to commit similar time. How much is up to you, but as with any worthwhile skill you get out of it what you put in.

Cost? Almost, but not quite, nothing - the equipment comes free, so does the skilled tuition. The only outlay is the £10 annual association subscription which is more than covered by the payment for ringing at weddings (usually £20 a time) you can earn once you are able to ring steadily.

Ringing is, however, an excellent way of raising an honest thirst!

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